Stop Worrying - Put FridgeSentry On Duty

You depend on properly stored temperature-sensitive inventory

Fridge Sentry provides a real-time view of your refrigerator 

FridgeSentry will immediately alert you and your staff to problem conditions

Product Loss can be prevented.  Stop worrying about power outages and temperature range breaches 

Peace of mind. Reduced Spoilage. Better Data. No Effort. 

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Smart Features

"To all Clinic Staff: Make sure you close the fridge door tightly!"

Maybe you've seen this memo in your clinic? A data-logger or digital thermometer can't help you with this.

The FridgeSentry Vaccine Storage Monitor system isn't a passive log of temperatures. Fridge Sentry couples a smart Internet of Things sensor device with our Cloud service purpose-built to actively monitor your vaccine storage refrigerator.

How much smarter is the FridgeSentry?  Here are some of the standard features:

  • Alerts by Text Message and Email
  • Any number of users can monitor and receive alerts.
  • Per-second temperature sampling.  See exactly what your fridge is up to.
  • Aggregate data visualization online from any internet web browser. With no device synchronization or cables to connect!
  • Temperature threshold alerts. Know immediately if your fridge is out of its safe range.
  • Audible buzzer alarm on the sensor. Did someone leave the door open?
  • A/C Power supply and Battery backup. Never change another battery.
  • Low-battery and power-outage alarms.  When the power goes out, FridgeSentry is still on duty, and will continue reporting.

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